Plant Resilience Institute
Graduate Student & Postdoctoral Fellow
Travel Awards

Graduate student and MSU postdoctoral fellows travel awards are sponsored by the MSU Plant Resilience Institute. The Plant Resilience Institute conducts fundamental and applied research to identify mechanisms that contribute to plant resilience and impact plant productivity. The Institute's research includes understanding how plants cope with environmental conditions associated with climate change to address food security.

In order to qualify for a travel award, you must be a graduate student currently enrolled at MSU in a plant science-related graduate program or a MSU postdoctoral research associate working on plant resilience. Travel grants of $1000 will be awarded based upon the applicant's statement expressing how attending an event will enhance their career and research, as well as letters of recommendation from their primary advisor and another professional mentor (other than the primary advisor) as to why this student/postdoctoral fellow would benefit from attending this meeting. All awardees must present a poster or talk and acknowledge support of the Plant Resilience Institute.

To apply, click here. You will need to provide information on the meeting, an abstract of your presentation, a curriculum vitae/resume, a reference letter from an advisor, and a second reference letter from mentor other than their advisor.

Multiple applications from the same lab are highly discouraged and only one award per lab will be made.

Letters from the primary advisor should state why the student/postdoctoral fellow should attend this meeting, the amount of matching funds available, and speak to the history of other meetings the student/postdoctoral fellow has attended.

Letters from the other professional mentor should comment on the merits of the student's/postdoctoral fellow's research and the importance at this stage of the student's/postdoctoral fellow's career to attend this meeting.

There will be two (2) calls for nominations. The first deadline for applications is:
5 PM Friday April 15, 2019 with award decisions made by May 1, 2019 for travel between 5/1/19 and 4/30/20.

The second deadline for applications is:
5 PM Friday September 30, 2019 with award decisions made by October 15, 2019 for travel between 10/16/19 and 10/15/20.

Please send any questions on the application to: